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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos is a top Spanish public research university named after king Juan Carlos I of Spain. It was established in 1996 and is the second biggest public university in Madrid, with 37,939 students and four campuses (Móstoles, Alcorcón, Vicálvaro, and Fuenlabrada).

The university offers a wide range of degrees, all adapted to the European Higher Education Area. This includes 64 undergraduate degrees, 44 dual degrees, 6 English-taught degrees, 6 university degrees on-line, 18 diplomas, 8 Engineering degrees, as well as a wide range of official master’s (81), doctoral programs and their own degrees and training (34), all related to the areas of Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences and Technology, Communication Sciences, and Law and Social Sciences.


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Vicálvaro Campus)
Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
Paseo de los Artilleros, 0,
28032 Madrid – Spain

Public Transportation:

Vicálvaro (line 9)

Lines 4, 100, 106, 130

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